Frontiers in Information Systems

Volume: 2

Mathematics Applied in Information Systems

Editor(s): Mangey Ram

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Recent developments in information science and technology have been possible due to original and timely research contributions containing new results in various fields of applied mathematics. It is ...
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Pp. i

Ajit Kumar Verma

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Pp. ii

Om Prakash Yadav

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Pp. iii

Mangey Ram

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Pp. iv

Mangey Ram

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Pp. v-vi (2)

Mangey Ram

Software Reliability Modeling in Continuous-State Space

Pp. 1-33 (33)

Tadashi Dohi, Lin Zhu Jin, Junjun Zheng and Hiroyuki Okamura

PDF Price: $30

Mathematical Models for Digital Imaging and their Applications in Digital Image Forensics

Pp. 72-107 (36)

Hemant K. Verma, Vinay Verma and Nitin Khanna

PDF Price: $30

Ranking the IT Based Technologies to Enhance the Safety and Security of Food Using AHP Approach

Pp. 108-122 (15)

Yogesh K. Sharma, Sachin K. Mangla, Pravin P. Patil, Alok K. Yadav, Suresh K. Jakhar and Sunil Luthra

PDF Price: $30

Mathematics and Examples of the Modern Syllogistic Method of Propositional Logic

Pp. 123-167 (45)

Ali Muhammad Rushdi and Muhammad Ali Rushdi

PDF Price: $30

Modeling of Scattering Response for Retrieval of Soil Parameters with Bistatic Radar

Pp. 168-196 (29)

Rishi Prakash and Dharmendra Singh

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Modeling Quality in the Design of Supply Chains

Pp. 230-264 (35)

Kanchan Das

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Pp. 277-282 (6)

Mangey Ram