Frontiers in Information Systems

Volume: 1

GIS - An Overview of Applications

Editor(s): Ana Claudia Teodoro

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GIS - An Overview of Applications is a compilation of reviews that give an overview of the latest advances in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The multidisciplinary nature of the book ...
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Pp. i

Fernando Noronha

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Pp. ii

Ana Claudia Teodoro

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Ana Claudia Teodoro

Predicting Land Use and Land Cover Changes for Landscape Planning: An Integration of Markov Chains and Cellular Automata Using GIS

Pp. 1-31 (31)

Francisco Reis Sacramento Gutierres, Paulo Jorge Zuzarte de Mendonça Godinho-Ferreira, Eusebio Joaquim Marques dos Reis and Carlos Silva Neto

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Agent-based Modelling of Tourists Destination Decision-Making Process

Pp. 32-66 (35)

Ines Boavida-Portugal, Jorge Rocha, Carlos Cardoso Ferreira and Jose Luis Zezere

PDF Price: $15

Spatial Geostatistical Analysis Applied To The Barroso-Alvao Rare-Elements Pegmatite Field (Northern Portugal)

Pp. 67-101 (35)

David Silva, Alexandre Lima, Eric Gloaguen, Charles Gumiaux, Fernando Noronha and Sarah Deveaud

PDF Price: $15

Open Source GIS Tools: Two Environmental Applications

Pp. 102-123 (22)

Lia Barbara Cunha Barata Duarte, Jose Alberto Alvares Pereira Goncalves and Ana Claudia Teodoro

PDF Price: $15

The Role of GIS and LIDAR as Tools for Sustainable Forest Management

Pp. 124-148 (25)

Ruben Fernandez de Villaran San Juan and Juan Manuel Domingo-Santos

PDF Price: $15

GIS for Spatial Biology: The Geographical Component of Life

Pp. 149-183 (35)

Neftali Sillero, Candida G. Vale and Wouter Beukema

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GPS Data Mining for Monitoring Community Mobility of Individuals

Pp. 184-207 (24)

Sungsoon Hwang, Timothy Hanke and Christian Evans

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Pp. 208-215 (8)

Ana Claudia Teodoro