Volume: 1

Changing Humanities and Smart Application of Digital Technologies

Editor(s): Kuo Hung Huang

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Changing Humanities and Smart Application of Digital Technologies is a collection of research articles relevant to digital humanities (the use of technology to advance our understanding of the ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

David Tein-Yaw Chung

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Pp. ii-iv (3)

Kuo Hung Huang

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Pp. v

Kuo Hung Huang

E-research Acceptance and Humanities Community

Pp. 3-8 (6)

Kuo-Hung Huang

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Feng Shui and Technology: Case Studies of Spatial Information Applications

Pp. 9-23 (15)

Kuo-Hung Huang and Ching-Ching Cheng

PDF Price: $15

Application of GIS in the Teaching of “Shi-Ji“- as an Example

Pp. 24-38 (15)

Jung-Tao Tsai and Pei-Lun Lee

PDF Price: $15

Effect of Grid Space Resolution on Historical Data Analysis

Pp. 39-53 (15)

Pei-Lun Lee and Hsin-Chun Liu

PDF Price: $15

Visualizing Place Connection: Application of GIS in Turmoil History Research

Pp. 54-67 (14)

Hsin-Chun Liu and Pei-Lun Lee

PDF Price: $15

Developing Non-Playing Network Applications for Japanese Chess

Pp. 68-90 (23)

Hiroyuki Tarumi, Ryu Miura and Toshiki Kinuhata

PDF Price: $15

Using Picture Book Apps to Assist Children’s Heritage Language Self-Learing

Pp. 158-174 (17)

Yu-Ching Yeh, Hsiang-Ju Ho and Ming-Chung Chen

PDF Price: $15

Issues of Communication Behavior on Using Internet

Pp. 175-192 (18)

Su Chong Chuang

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Pp. 193-198 (6)

Kuo Hung Huang