Current Applied Polymer Science


Fernando S. Gomes
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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Articles Ahead of Print

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of POSS Coated CNTs Reinforced Expancel foam core Sandwich Structures

Wanda Jones, Bedanga Sapkota, Brian Simpson, Tarig A. Hassan, Shaik Jeelani and Vijaya Rangari*

Essential Polymers Helping Patients with Obesity

Maria Nascimento, Kaushik Pal and Fernando Gomes*

Polysarcosine: The Best Alternative of Poly (Ethylene Glycol)

Manu Singhai and Sankha Bhattacharya*

Plant Oil-Based Nanoemulsions: Preparation and Efficacy for Hair Treatment

Lívia Gonçalves Ferreira Rodrigues, Juliana Falcão Alves de Carvalho, Cristal dos Santos Cerqueira Pinto, Elisabete Pereira Santos and Claudia Regina Elias Mansur*

Clarithromycin Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles: Development and Characterization

Ashvini Herimatha*, Shivanand K. Mutta, Anirbandeep Bose and Anudeep Balla

Molecular Transformations in DNA under the Influence of UV-radiation

Vigen G. Barkhudaryan, Gayane V. Ananyan and Nelli H. Karapetyan

Lipoidal Nano Architect for Parental Drug Delivery: Formulation Development and Regulatory Concerns

Vikas Jhawat*, Anil Kumar Sharma, Vandana Garg, Rohit Dutt and Monika Gulia

A Comprehensive Review on Alginate as Wound Dressing Biomaterial

Sourav Mohanto*, Prithviraj Chakraborty, Chidambaram Soundra Pandian, Shubhradeep Manna and Joni Dutta

Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Behaviour Studies of Terpolymer Resin Derived From 8-Hydroxyquinoline-5-Sulphonic Acid and Anthranilic Acid

W. B. Gurnule* and Y. U. Rathod

Withdrawn: Fingerprint Analysis of Polysaccharides from Chrysanthemum Indicum L. by HPLC Combined with Chemometrics Methods

Xuewei Duan, Xinyi Zhang, Lei Chen, Fang Zheng, Xiaofang Lu, Jingqi Zhou, Peifeng Zhang and Wei Tian*