Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Alzheimer Disorders

Volume: 5

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Alzheimer Disorders is an e-Book series which covers recent topics related to understanding Alzheimer's disease (AD) that causes dementia and has a ...
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Pp. iii-iv (2)


Endothelial Dysfunction and Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Dementia Disorders

Pp. 41-82 (42)

Asija Zaciragic, Nesina Avdagic, Nermina Babic, Amela Devisevic, Amina Valjevac, Almir Fajkic, Jasminko Huskic, Almira Hadzovic-Dzuvo and Orhan Lepara

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Recent Clinical Developments in Alzheimer’s Disease

Pp. 83-143 (61)

Xin Yi Choo and Alexandra Grubman

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Recent Perspective About the Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis and Stem Cell-Based Therapy in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Pp. 144-174 (31)

Hany E. Marei, Asmaa Althani, Jaana Suhonen, Mohamed E. El Zowalaty, Mohammad A. Albanna, Carlo Cenciarelli, Tengfei Wang and Thomas Caceci

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Current Concepts in Management of Alzheimer's Disease

Pp. 175-213 (39)

Vida Demarin, Zlatko Trkanjec, Marijana Bosnar Puretić, Sandra Morović and Anton Glasnović

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Natural Compounds from Plants Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease

Pp. 214-302 (89)

Andreia Corciova, Daniela Matei, Calin Corciova and Bianca Ivănescu

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Pp. 303-316 (14)