The Correlates of Loneliness

Editor(s): Ami Rokach

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Loneliness has been described by modern psychologists as a 21st century epidemic, as it has been the subject of numerous news headlines in many regions. While many elderly people are affected by ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-iii (3)

Ami Rokach

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Pp. iv

Ami Rokach

Modern Loneliness in Historical Perspective

Pp. 3-33 (31)

K. D. M. Snell

PDF Price: $15

Loneliness As A Mediator Variable Between Parenting and Coping in Adolescence

Pp. 34-49 (16)

Maria Cristina Richaud de Minzi, Carla Sacchi and Belen Mesurado

PDF Price: $15

Teachers, Students & Loneliness in Schools

Pp. 50-63 (14)

Ami Rokach

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Lonely Young People and Technology

Pp. 64-80 (17)

Marilyn Campbell

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Feeling Inadequate and Alone: The Effects of University Induced Loneliness

Pp. 108-127 (20)

Ami Rokach and Shauna Spirling

PDF Price: $15

Loneliness, Relationships, and Health

Pp. 128-155 (28)

Chris Segrin, Tricia J. Burke and Terry Badger

PDF Price: $15

The Portrayal of Lonely Finnish People

Pp. 156-183 (28)

Niina Junttila, Pamela Zoe Topalli, Sakari Kainulainen and Juho Saari

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Pp. 215-216 (2)

Ami Rokach