Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational and Related Considerations

Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational and Related Considerations

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Individuals with Angelman Syndrome (AS) present many unique challenges to professionals, parents and others who are committed to maximizing individuals’ competence while ensuring them the best ...
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Pat Mirenda

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Clinical Features, Medical Issues, and Diagnostic Testing in Angelman Syndrome

Pp. 3-27 (25)

Jennifer M. Mueller and Charles A. Williams

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Fostering Communication Skills in Beginning Communicators

Pp. 131-163 (33)

Jeff Sigafoos, Vanessa A. Green, Robert Didden, Mark F. O`Reilly, Giulio E. Lancioni and Peter B. Marschik

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Comprehensive Literacy Instruction for Students with Angelman Syndrome

Pp. 244-287 (44)

Erin S. Sheldon and Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

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