Frontiers in Electrical Engineering

Frontiers in Electrical Engineering

Active-Matrix Organic Light- Emitting Display Technologies

Author(s): Shuming Chen, Jianning Yu, Yibin Jiang, Rongsheng Chen and Tsz Kin Ho

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Frontiers in Electrical Engineering is a book series dedicated to publishing current research in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. The vast amount of publications concerning these ...
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Pp. i

Shuming Chen

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Pp. ii

Shuming Chen

Introduction to Organic Light-Emitting Display Technologies

Pp. 3-39 (37)

Shuming Chen and Jianning Yu

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Light Outcoupling Technologies

Pp. 62-88 (27)

Yibin Jiang and Shuming Chen

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Encapsulation Technologies

Pp. 89-111 (23)

Yibin Jiang and Shuming Chen

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Thin Film Transistor Technology

Pp. 112-160 (49)

Rongsheng Chen

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Pp. 202-203 (2)

Shuming Chen