The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighbourhoods

The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighbourhoods

Editor(s): Pilar Mercader-Moyano

Indexed in: EBSCO.

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The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighborhoods is a collection of papers presented at the International Congress of Sustainable Construction and Eco‐efficient Solutions. This event has ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-iv (4)

Antonio Ramírez-de-Arellano-Agudo

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. v

Pilar Mercader-Moyano

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Pp. vii-ix (3)

Pilar Mercader-Moyano

Energy Retrofitting for Social Housing by Improving the Building Envelope: Madrid, 1939-1979

Pp. 3-32 (30)

Ignacio Oteiza, Carmen Alonso, Fernando Martín-Consuegra, Juan Monjo and Mariam González-Moya

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Environmental Impact Indicator System in Residential Neighbourhood Renovation

Pp. 33-59 (27)

Pilar Mercader-Moyano, Julia Garrido-Piñero and Antonio Ramírez de Arellano

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Approach to the Definition of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, in the Social Housing in Europe

Pp. 61-79 (19)

Begoña Serrano Lanzarote, Alejandra García-Prieto Ruiz, Leticia Ortega Madrigal, Laura Soto Francés and Violeta de la Fuente Pérez

PDF Price: $15

Development of an Assessment Tool for Building Envelope Retrofit Based on Environmental Indicator  Open Access Plus

Pp. 81-102 (22)

Patricia Huedo, Belinda López-Mesa and Elena Mulet

A Structure for the Quantity Surveillance of Costs and Environmental Impact of Cleaning and Maintenance in Buildings

Pp. 103-118 (16)

Alejandro Martínez-Rocamora, Jaime Solís-Guzmán and Madelyn Marrero

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Management of Living Urban Environments From an Active Ageing Approach: Advances in the Team Research (RE)Programa

Pp. 119-128 (10)

Ángela Barrios, José C. Mariñas, Marta Molina, Francisco J. Lizana, Antonio Serrano and Alberto Vilches

PDF Price: $15

Energy Efficiency Indicators for Buildings in Argentina

Pp. 129-145 (17)

Jorge D. Czajkowski

PDF Price: $15

Towards A Sustainable Retrofitting Plan for Social Housing in Mediterranean Europe

Pp. 147-163 (17)

Mónica Martínez-Hervas, Juan J. Sendra and Rafael Suárez

PDF Price: $15

New Applications of Ceramic Waste Generated in Building Rehabilitation Works

Pp. 165-174 (10)

Mercedes Del Río Merino, Rocío Sanios Jiménez, Paola Villoria Saéz and Mariano Gonzalez Cortina

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Pp. 175

Pilar Mercader-Moyano

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Pp. 177-178 (2)

Pilar Mercader-Moyano