Advances in Cancer Drug Targets

Volume: 2

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Indexed in: EBSCO, Scopus

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Advances in Cancer Drug Targets is an e-book series that brings together recent expert reviews published on the subject with a focus on strategies for synthesizing and isolating organic compounds and ...
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Pp. i-iii (3)


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Pp. iv-vi (3)


Heat Shock Protein 90 - A Potential Target in the Treatment of Human Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Pp. 3-53 (51)

H. Reikvam, R.B. Forthun, A. Brenner, E. Ersvær, K.J. Hatfield and Ø. Bruserud

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Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC): More New Targets for Anti-Cancer Drug Therapies

Pp. 54-79 (26)

Maria Kapanidou and Victor M. Bolanos-Garcia

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Anti-Tumour Effects of Bisphosphonates - What have we Learned from In Vivo Models?

Pp. 127-174 (48)

Hannah K. Brown and Ingunn Holen

PDF Price: $30

Biomarkers for Risk Assessment and Prevention of Breast Cancer

Pp. 212-273 (62)

Massimiliano Cazzaniga, Andrea Decensi, Bernardo Bonanni, Alberto Luini and Oreste Gentilini

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Modulation of the Myostatin/Follistatin Axis by Deacetylase Inhibitors: Improvement of TNFα-Induced Myotube Atrophy But Not of Experimental Cancer Cachexia

Pp. 274-295 (22)

Andrea Bonetto, Fabio Penna, Gabriella Bonelli, Francesco M. Baccino and Paola Costelli

PDF Price: $30

Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase, An Emerging Target for Anti- Cancer Therapy

Pp. 296-327 (32)

Xiangdong Liu, Robert C. Newton, Steven M. Friedman and Peggy A. Scherle

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p53 Plays a Key Role in Exporting Bid from the Nucleus to Induce Cell Death in Response to Etoposide Treatment

Pp. 328-346 (19)

George G. Chen, Gang Song, Baoguang Hu, Liping Liu and Paul B.S. Lai

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Fibrates Action in Daunorubicin Chemical Reaction

Pp. 347-357 (11)

Ganesaratnam K. Balendiran

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Pp. 358-377 (20)