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Huiyu Zhou
Department of Informatics
University of Leicester

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Articles Ahead of Print

A Research on HMM based Speech Recognition in Spoken English

Na Wang, Xiaohong Zhang and Ashutosh Sharma*

Published on: 13 April, 2021

An Automatic Instrument Recognition Approach Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Jiangyan Ke , Rongchuan Lin and Ashutosh Sharma*

Published on: 22 March, 2021

Withdrawal Notice: Comparative Analysis of Simulation Applications Used for Energy Consumption in Green Buildings

Amin H. Al Ka’bi*

Published on: 18 December, 2019

Withdrawal Notice: Joint Local Voting for Accurate Linear Object Feature Extraction

Honghua Xu, Li Li*, Fengrong Zhang and Feiran Fu

Published on: 14 July, 2020

Withdrawal Notice: A Comprehensive Review On Swarm Intelligence Methods Applied To Practical Economic Load Dispatch Problem

Arun Kumar Sahoo*, Tapas Kumar Panigrahi, Gopal Krishna Nayak and Chinmay Kumar Nayak

Published on: 04 July, 2020

Withdrawal Notice: An Improved Collaborative Training and Semisupervised Learning Algorithm Used in Image Classification

Dan Luo* and Xili Wang

Published on: 28 November, 2019

Withdrawn: A New Secret Sharing Scheme of Large-scale Electronic Voting

Ting Liu*, Zhe Cui, Hongquan Pu and Jintao Rao

Published on: 16 October, 2019

Withdrawn: Optimization of MPPT Controller Based on the Parameter Estimation for a Stand-alone Photovoltaic System

Abdelaziz Salah Saidi*, Ayachi Errachdi, Chokri Ben Salah, Mohammad Fazle Azeem and Mohamed Arbi Khlifi

Published on: 29 August, 2019

Withdrawn: Photovoltaic Power Prediction Based on Unscented Kalman Filtering Neural Network

Published on: 01 March, 2018