Advances in Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume: 2

Editor(s): Michelle Prudhomme

Indexed in: Book Citation Index, Science Edition, EBSCO, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

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Advances in Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry is an exciting eBook series comprising a selection of updated articles previously published in the peer-reviewed journal Anti-Cancer Agents in ...
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Pp. i

William A. Denny

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Pp. ii-iii (2)

Michelle Prudhomme

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Pp. iv-viii (5)

Michelle Prudhomme

Marine Macrolides: Blue Biotechnology Against Cancer  Open Access Plus

Pp. 3-45 (43)

José G. Napolitano, Antonio H. Daranas, Manuel Norte and José J. Fernández

Recent Developments in Organometallic Supramolecular Complexes as Anticancer Drugs

Pp. 46-129 (84)

Cheng-He Zhou, Hui-Zhen Zhang, Sheng-Feng Cui, Jing-Song Lv, Cong-Yan Yan, Kun Wan, Yi-Yi Zhang, Shao-Lin Zhang, Gui-Xin Cai, Rong-Xia Geng and Guri L.V. Damu

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Perspective Gold(III)-Dithiocarbamato Anticancer Therapeutics: Learning from the Past, Moving to the Future

Pp. 130-172 (43)

Luca Ronconi, Chiara Nardon, Giulia Boscutti and Dolores Fregona

PDF Price: $30

Toward Anticancer Therapeutics Based on Glycidic Structures

Pp. 173-253 (81)

Luca Gabrielli, Alice Capitoli, Laura Russo, David Bini, Francesca Taraballi, Cristina Lupo and Laura Cipolla

PDF Price: $30

Recent Highlights in the Development of Isatin-Based Anticancer Agents

Pp. 254-312 (59)

Kara L. Vine, Lidia Matesic, Julie M. Locke and Danielle Skropeta

PDF Price: $30

Tripentones: A Promising Series of Potent Anti-Cancer Agents

Pp. 313-343 (31)

Christophe Rochais, Sylvain Rault and Patrick Dallemagne

PDF Price: $30

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators as Treatments and Preventives of Breast Cancer

Pp. 344-396 (53)

Surojeet Sengupta, Jing Peng and Virgil C. Jordan

PDF Price: $30

Targeting Leukemia Stem Cells with Novel Therapeutic Agents

Pp. 397-409 (13)

Yaoyu Chen, Cong Peng, Dongguang Li and Shaoguang Li

PDF Price: $30

Targeting Migrating Cells in Glioblastoma

Pp. 410-443 (34)

Ranjith Babu, Chunhui Di, Austin K. Mattox, Steve Harward and Cory Adamson

PDF Price: $30

Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 as a Target for Anticancer Therapy

Pp. 444-471 (28)

Thomas S. Dexheimer, Shar-yin N. Huang, Smitha Antony, Christophe Marchand and Yves Pommier

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Pp. 472-484 (13)

Michelle Prudhomme