Separating Pro-Environment Technologies for Waste Treatment, Soil and Sediments Remediation

Editor(s): Vincenzo Gente

Co-Editor(s): Floriana La Marca

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The removal of contaminants and pollutants from natural or valuable materials is a critical issue in environmental management and conservation. Fundamentally, the procedure consists of measures ...
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Konstantinos Komnitsas

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Vincenzo Gente and Floriana La Marca

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Vincenzo Gente and Floriana La Marca

ADR: A Classifier for Fine Moist Materials

Pp. 43-58 (16)

W. de Vries and P.C. Rem

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Sensor Based Sorting in Waste Processing

Pp. 59-76 (18)

J. Julius and Th. Pretz

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Upgrading of Post-Consumer Steel Scrap

Pp. 77-89 (13)

F. Quarta, A. Bonoli and P.C. Rem

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Evaluation of Sediments’ Contamination by Hyperspectral Analysis

Pp. 172-187 (16)

V. Gente, S. Geraldini, F. La Marca and F. Palombo

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Vincenzo Gente and Floriana La Marca