Application of Adsorbents for Water Pollution Control

Editor(s): Amit Bhatnagar

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Among various water and wastewater treatment technologies, the adsorption process is considered better because of lower cost, simple design and easy operation. Activated carbon (a universal ...
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Pp. i-ii (2)

Stephen J. Allen

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Pp. iii-v (3)

Amit Bhatnagar

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Pp. vi-x (5)

Amit Bhatnagar

Activated Carbon Adsorption for Waste Water Treatment

Pp. 3-31 (29)

Meenakshi Goyal and Mamta Bhagat

PDF Price: $30

Equilibrium and Kinetic Modeling of Adsorption at Solid/Solution Interfaces

Pp. 32-80 (49)

Wojciech Plazinski and Anita Plazinska

PDF Price: $30

Surface Engineered Inorganic Nanomaterials for Water Remediation

Pp. 119-152 (34)

Bedabrata Saha and Gopal Das

PDF Price: $30

Layered Double Hydroxides as Potential Sorbents for Water Remediation

Pp. 153-237 (85)

P. Koilraj, C. M. Jinesh and S. Kannan

PDF Price: $30

Mesoporous Silicates for Mitigation of Metal-Ion and Phosphate Pollution in Water

Pp. 238-271 (34)

Aoife M. Burke, Colm McManamon, Paul Delaney, John P. Hanrahan, Justin D. Holmes and Michael A. Morris

PDF Price: $30

Kaolinite: A Cheap Alternative for Industrial and Mining Wastewater Treatment

Pp. 272-290 (19)

Zuy Maria Magriotis, Rísia Magriotis Papini, Paulo Roberto de Magalhães Viana, Priscila Ferreira de Sales and Otávia Martins Silva Rodrigues

PDF Price: $30

Natural and Treated Montmorillonites as Scavengers of Toxic Metals from Water

Pp. 291-346 (56)

Susmita Sen Gupta and K.G. Bhattacharyya

PDF Price: $30

Use of Natural Zeolites for Organic Compounds Removal from Water

Pp. 363-381 (19)

Stefano Salvestrini, Pasquale Iovino, Silvana Canzano and Sante Capasso

PDF Price: $30

Agricultural Wastes as Low Cost Adsorbents for Water Treatment

Pp. 382-412 (31)

Ali Ahmadpour, Tahereh Rohani Bastami and Samira Hozhabr Araghi

PDF Price: $30

A Review: Utilization of Biochar for Wastewater Treatment

Pp. 413-431 (19)

Hong Zhang, Zengliang Yu and Qing Huang

PDF Price: $30

Electric ARC Furnace Steel Slag: A Low Cost Industrial Adsorbent for Stormwater Treatment

Pp. 455-484 (30)

Nnaemeka C. Okochi and Dena W. McMartin

PDF Price: $30

Victorian Lignite as an Alternative Industrial Adsorbent - Kinetic Studies

Pp. 485-501 (17)

Ying Qi, Gil Garnier and Andrew F.A. Hoadley

PDF Price: $30

Bone Char: An Alternative for the Removal of Diverse Organic and Inorganic Compounds from Industrial Wastewaters

Pp. 502-522 (21)

Sônia Denise Ferreira Rocha, Marcos Vinícius Ribeiro, Paulo Roberto de Magalhães Viana and Marcelo Borges Mansur

PDF Price: $30