Infrared Thermography Recent Advances and Future Trends

Editor(s): Carosena Meola

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Infrared thermography (IRT) is a non-contact, non-invasive methodology which allows for detection of thermal energy that is radiated from objects in the infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum, ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Daniel L. Balageas

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. ii-iii (2)

Carosena Meola

List of Contributors  promotion: free to download

Pp. iv

Carosena Meola

Origin and Theory of Infrared Thermography

Pp. 3-28 (26)

Carosena Meola

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Infrared Devices: Short History and New Trends

Pp. 29-59 (31)

Roberto Rinaldi

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Concluding Remarks to Part I

Pp. 60

Carosena Meola

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Applications of Infrared Thermography to Medicine

Pp. 61-84 (24)

Boris G. Vainer

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Concluding Remarks to Part II - Section 1

Pp. 102

Carosena Meola

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Concluding Remarks to Part II - Section 2

Pp. 133

Carosena Meola

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An Overview on IR Thermography for Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics

Pp. 134-164 (31)

Giovanni M. Carlomagno

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Infrared Imaging to Combustion Systems

Pp. 165-180 (16)

Christophe Allouis and Rocco Pagliara

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Pulse and Lock-In NDT Infrared Active-Source Techniques

Pp. 181-198 (18)

Ralph A. Rotolante

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Concluding Remarks to Part II - Section 3

Pp. 199

Carosena Meola

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Appendix A  promotion: free to download

Pp. 230

Carosena Meola

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 232-241 (10)

Carosena Meola