What's Doing? A Tribute to Professor Murray Goodman

Editor(s): Todd T. Romoff

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What's Doing? A Tribute to Professor Murray Goodman gives homage to the life and work of Professor Murray Goodman, a leading chemist, educator and humanitarian. This book contains personal and ...
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Editorial  promotion: free to download

Pp. v

Todd T. Romoff

Acknowledgements  promotion: free to download

Pp. vi

Todd T. Romoff

Personal Biography  promotion: free to download

Pp. 3-6 (4)

Zelda Goodman

Professional Biography

Pp. 7-13 (7)

Fred Naider

PDF Price: $15

First Journal Publication

Pp. 15-21 (7)

Murray Goodman

PDF Price: $15

Professional Tributes (By John Jones)

Pp. 23-25 (3)

John Jones

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Professional Tributes (By Joseph Taulane)

Pp. 27-29 (3)

Joseph P. Taulane

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Professional Tributes (By Ed Dennis)

Pp. 31-32 (2)

Edward Dennis

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Professional Tributes (By Victor Hruby)

Pp. 33-35 (3)

Victor J. Hruby

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Professional Tributes (By K.C. Nicolaou)

Pp. 37

K. C. Nicolaou

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Personal Remembrances (Opening Page)

Pp. 39

Bentham Science Publishers

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Personal Remembrances (The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Years)

Pp. 41-57 (17)

Ettore Benedetti

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Personal Remembrances (Early Days in San Diego)

Pp. 59-89 (31)

Mitchell Avery

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Personal Remembrances (The Next Generation)

Pp. 91-116 (26)

Silke Braeuer and nee Schabbert

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Personal Remembrances (Closing Page)

Pp. 117

Bentham Science Publishers

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Dr. Murray Goodman's Top 10

Pp. 119

Bentham Science Publishers

PDF Price: $15

Diprotected Triflylguanidines: A New Class of Guanidinylation Reagents

Pp. 12-122 (111)

Konrad Feichtinger, Christoph Zapf, Heather L. Sings and Murray Goodman

PDF Price: $15

Optically Active Polyisocyanates

Pp. 123-127 (5)

Murray Goodman and Shih-Chung Chen

PDF Price: $15

Partially Modified Retro-Inverso-Enkephalinamides: Topochemical Long- Acting Analogs in vitro and in vivo

Pp. 129-131 (3)

Michael Chorev, Rick Shavitz, Murray Goodman, Scott Minick and Roger Guillemin

PDF Price: $15

Sensitive Criteria for the Critical Size for Helix Formation in Oligopeptides

Pp. 133-139 (7)

Murray Goodman, Antonio S. Verdini, Claudio Toniolo, William D. Phillips and Frank A. Bovey

PDF Price: $15

Peptide Derivatives Containing Hydroxyamino Acids

Pp. 141-143 (3)

John C. Sheehan, Murray Goodman and George P. Hess

PDF Price: $15

Peptide Syntheses Via Amino Acid Active Esters

Pp. 145-148 (4)

Murray Goodman and Kenneth C. Steuben

PDF Price: $15

Kenneth C. Steuben

Pp. 149-160 (12)

Murray Goodman, Fred Naider and Claudio Toniolo

PDF Price: $15

A Procedure for the Facile Synthesis of Amino Acid N-Carboxyanhydrides

Pp. 161-163 (3)

William D. Fuller, Michael S. Verlander and Murray Goodman

PDF Price: $15

A Dozen Years of Retro-Inverso Peptidomimetics

Pp. 165-172 (8)

Michael Chorev and Murray Goodman

PDF Price: $15

On the Concept of Linear Modified Retro-Peptide Structures

Pp. 173-179 (7)

Murray Goodman and Michael Chorev

PDF Price: $15

In Fond Memory

Pp. 181-182 (2)

Charles Deber

PDF Price: $15