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Current Medical Imaging

Formerly: Current Medical Imaging Reviews

ISSN (Print): 1573-4056
ISSN (Online): 1875-6603

Volume 18, Issue 12, 2022

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

CMIM-SII20220701-02 Use of an Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in the Security of Healthcare and Biomedical Informatics Rashid Mamoon Bashir Ali Kashif Iqbal Muddesar November 2022 CMIM-SII20220701-02.pdf CMIM-SII20220701-01 Role & Impact of Advance Technologies AI, ML, and Big Data in Medical Images and Next Generation Healthcare System Kumar Sunil Mapp Glenford Bansal Abhay November 2022 CMIM-SII20220701-01.pdf CMIM-SII20220527-02 Quality improvement of medical data using machine learning in clinical applications Jiang Qiang March 2023 CMIM-SII20220527-02.pdf CMIM-SII20220527-01 Autonomous & Decentralized Multimodal Biomedical Image Processing Bindhu V. November 2022 CMIM-SII20220527-01.pdf CMIM-SII20220523-01 Hyperspectral Image Processing and its Clinical Applications Ahmadian Ali October 2022 CMIM-SII20220523-01.pdf CMIM-SII20220401-01 Interactive Medical Image Analysis for Healthcare Informatics Daniel J. Alfred Ahmad Awais Tomaš Boris September 2022 CMIM-SII20220401-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211214-01 Representation Learning and Dynamic Modeling for Facial Expression A nalysis Based on Deep Networks Zhao Jianfeng August 2022 CMIM-SII20211214-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211108-01 From Nanoscale to Hyperspectral Imaging - How to Gather and Understand Medical Images Harvested in Extremely Difficult Situations Estrela Vania V. Laghari Asif Ali Yin Shoulin January 2022 CMIM-SII20211108-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211213-01 Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) for Medical Imaging: Tools, Applications and Future Directions Kaur Ravinder Sharma Bhisham Ramadan. Rabie A. July 2022 CMIM-SII20211213-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211015-01 Machine Vision and Deep Learning for Healthcare Applications Singh Akansha March 2022 CMIM-SII20211015-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211008-01 New Advances of Neural Networks for Cancer Diagnosis Razmjooy Navid Kadry Seifedine Ghadimi Noradin Rajinikanth Venkatesan Dhiman Gaurav October 2021 CMIM-SII20211008-01.pdf CMIM-SII20211001-01 Recent Advancements in Image Processing using Deep Learning Kumar Manoj Mirjalili Seyedali Loyola-González Octavio January 2022 CMIM-SII20211001-01.pdf CMIM-SII20210908-01 AI Solutions for COVID-19 and current medical imaging in Smart-Cities Shankar A. January 2022 CMIM-SII20210908-01.pdf CMIM-SII20210726-01 Medical Imaging: Knowledge Creation and Utilization with Data Science Gupta Bharat Ghosh Sanchita Mahmoudi Saïd March 2022 CMIM-SII20210726-01.pdf CMIM-SII20210706-01 Role of Current Imaging Techniques and New Trends in Breast Cancer Quartuccio Natale May 2022 CMIM-SII20210706-01.pdf CMIM-SII20210405-01 Advances in Thoracic and Chest Imaging ORHAN Kaan CANGIR Ayten KAYI December 2021 CMIM-SII20210405-01.pdf CMIM-SII20210119-01 Recent advances of machine learning in medical imaging Wee Lai Khin December 2021 CMIM-SII20210119-01.pdf CMIM-SII20201224-01 Multimedia Knowledge Extraction and Mining Techniques for Big Data in Healthcare Nafis Md Tabrez Arif Muhammad Mani Neel July 2021 CMIM-SII20201224-01.pdf CMIM-SII20201218-01 Intelligent electronic devices and circuit for low power secured biomedical systems Tripathi Suman Lata Mohapatra S.K. Alazab Mamoun Cardona Manuel August 2021 CMIM-SII20201221-01.pdf CMIM-SII20201218-01 Explainable Artificial Intelligence(XAI) based Nano-Biological Data Analysis for smart medical applications Vimal S. Pelusi Danilo Rho Seungmin Mumtaz Shahid August 2021 CMIM-SII20201218-01.pdf CMIM-SII20201214-01 Big Data Analytics for COVID-19 Multimodal Medical Images Chakraborty Chinmay Ramadan Rabie A. Hassanien (Abo) Aboul Ella Bukhari Syed Ahmad Chan April 2021 CMIM-SII20201214-01.pdf CMIM-SII20200224-01 Evolution of New era in Medical Imaging and healthcare sector using Machine Learning Concepts Dogra Ayush Goyal Bhawna Kumar Sanjeev Jung Ranu February 2021 CMIM-SII20200224-01.pdf CMIM-SII20200001-01 Medical Image and Bio-signal Processing Using Machine Learning Zhang Heye September 2020 CMIM-SII20200001-01.pdf CMIM-SII20191217-01 Learning and Computational Approaches for Medical Imaging Gupta B.B. Agrawal Dharma P. Gupta Deepak November 2020 CMIM-SII20201222-01.pdf 13 3 2017 154361 CMIR-SII20180808-01 Soft Computing in Image Processing and its Applications Varatharajan Ramachandran December 2018 CMIR-SII20180102-09.pdf
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