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Letters in Functional Foods

Volume 1 , 2024

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Letters in Functional Foods publishes original research articles, short communications, letters and mini-reviews. In addition, thematic issues are also published. The latest researches in healthy foods and biologically active food ingredients are of particular interest along with nutritional and technological aspects related to the development of functional foods and beverages. Studies on the use of supplements, food ingredients and naturally functional food and their relationship with consumer health are also welcomed. Emphasis is also placed on publishing articles focusing on the investigations about the effects of novel foods as well as their compounds on human health related to non-transmissible chronic diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The discovery of new forms of use in foods of bioactive compounds and synergies between compounds are also of interest for Letters in Functional Foods. Likewise the use of probiotics and prebiotics in any forms in food, whether already present or added, and their evaluation of the effects on any human parameter, microbiomes included, are well received too. Finally, any food related influence in nutrigenetic, nutrigenomic, epigenetic, transcriptomics, metabolomics or metagenomics are also welcome.

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