Current Organic Chemistry

ISSN (Print): 1385-2728
ISSN (Online): 1875-5348

Volume 26 , Issues 24, 2022

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

COC-SII20221014-01 Current of biomass-derived organic chemistry Guo Haixin Sep 2023 COC-SII20221014-01.pdf COC-SII20220915-01 Non-conventional approaches towards various organic transformations Banerjee Bubun December 2022 COC-SII20220915-01.pdf COC-SII20220606-01 The Preparation and Investigation of Biodegradable and Biocompatible Polymers Jinbao Xu May 2023 COC-SII20220606-01.pdf COC-SII20220408-01 Semiconductor-Based Composite Photo Catalysts for Organic Synthesis Weng Bo September 2022 COC-SII20220408-01.pdf COC-SII20220401-01 Recent Topics in Iodine Reagents and Compounds in Organic Chemistry Dohi Toshifumi May 2022 COC-SII20220401-01.pdf COC-SII20200914-01 Recent Advances on Functional Group Interconversion Pinho e Melo Teresa M. V. D. Cardoso Ana L. June 2021 COC-SII20200914-01.pdf COC-SII20200703-01 ‘Late-stage functionalization of (hetero)arenes’ Bellina Fabio January 2021 COC-SII20200703-01.pdf COC-SII20200604-01 Green Chemistry: Opportunity in Drug Discovery Research Tiwari Vinod Kumar Sanchayita Rajkhowa Abhijeet Kumar May 2021 COC-SII20200604-01.pdf 22 27 2018 COC-SII20160505-01 Expanding Frontiers of Nanotechnology Thomas Vinoy Jain Sapna September 2016 COC-SII20160505-01.pdf 22 08 2018 COC-SII20160525-01 Recent development in the synthesis methods and characterization techniques of complex organic materials Wu Han January 2017 COC-SII20160525-01.pdf 21 09 2017 151241 COC-SII20150716-01 Heterogeneous Catalysts: Organic Synthesis and Transformation Reactions K. Patil Meghshyam Ganesh Ibram April 2016 COC-SII20150716-01.pdf 20 28 2016 147113 COC-SII20150810-01 Holistic strategies for drug delivery Bleotu Coralia May 2016 COC-SII20150810-01.pdf 20 26 2016 146182 COC-SII20151104-01 Advances in sustainable bioenergy production with fermentation process Zhang Panyue May 2016 COC-SII20151104-01.pdf 20 25 2016 145870 COC-SII20150609-02 Natural Products As Effective Weapons Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases Benelli Giovanni June 2016 COC-SII20150609-02.pdf 21 02 2017 148237 COC-SII20150515-01 Biocatalytic Selective Synthesis Dr Mateo Cesar December 2015 COC-SII20150515-01.pdf 21 04 2017 149142 COC-SII20140807-03 Heterocyclic Antioxidants in Nature: Synthesis. Isolation and Medical Applications Sobarzo-Sánchez Eduardo May 2016 COC-SII20140807-03.pdf 21 12 2017 151923 COC-SII20160610-02 Recent Advances in the Sustainable Management of Xenobiotic Pollutants Orhon Derin Alaton Idil Arslan December 2016 COC-SII20160610-02.pdf COC-SII20141204-01 Recent Advances Connected To Diels-Alder Cycloadditions Marković Dean PORÉE François-Hugues January 2016 COC-SII20141204-01.pdf COC-SII20150508-01 Harnessing Molecular Strain in Organic Synthesis and Related Fields Dai Mingji March 2016 COC-SII20150508-01.pdf COC-SII20160530-01.pdf COC-SII20150408-01 Recent Progress in Studies of Pyrolysis Chemistry and Kinetics Kawamoto Haruo Xiong Qingang June 2016 COC-SII20150408-01.pdf COC-SII20140807-02 The Lab-on-a-Protein Concept: Protein as Powerful Nanometric Laboratory for Chemical Sciences Filice Marco July 2015 COC-SII20140807-02.pdf COC-SII20150602-01 Organic Materials in Nanomedicine Li Yiwen December 2015 COC-SII20150602-01.pdf COC-SII20150302-1 Sugars as multifunctional units in nanosized materials Li Hongguang October 2015 COC-SII20150302-1.pdf COC-SII20140807-08 Coupling Chemistry – New Challenges and Novel Catalysts Molnar Arpád July 2015 COC-SII20140807-08.pdf COC-SII20141105-02 Organic Functionalization of Carbon Nanostructures Konstantinos Dimos May 2015 COC-SII20141105-02.pdf COC-SII20141024-01 Macrocyclic Hosts: from molecular recognition to applications Dr Sfrazzetto Giuseppe Trusso August 2015 COC-SII20141024-01.pdf COC-SII20150310-1 Advances in Marine Natural Products and Nucleoside based Therapeutics: Synthesis and Biological activities Dr Majik Mahesh Satu August 2015 COC-SII20150310-1.pdf COC-SII20150525-01 Selective Metal Carbene Reactions in Small Cyclic Compounds Construction Xu Xinfang September 2015 COC-SII20150525-01.pdf COC-SII20140915-02 Current Developments in Organochalcogens Chemistry Dr. da Rocha Joao Batista Teixeira May 2015 COC-SII20140915-02.pdf COC-SII20130924-23 Multi-Catalysis For Efficient Biomass Conversions And OrganicTransformations Yang Song Li Hu Bhadury Pinaki S December 2015 COC-SII20130924-23.pdf COC-SII20141105-01 Organic Polymeric Matrices For The Three-Dimensional Immobilization Of Proteins: A Biochemical And Biophysical Perspective Bettati Stefano Bruno Stefano August 2015 COC-SII20141105-01.pdf COC-SII20140807-07 From Synthesis and Functionalization to Applications Georgios Sakellariou June 2015 COC-SII20140807-07.pdf COC-SII20140915-03 Organofluorine Chemistry Dr. Lin Jinhong June 2015 COC-SII20140915-03.pdf COC-SII20141106-01 Chemical sensors: Design, Synthesis and Applications Buonomenna Maria Giovanna July 2015 COC-SII20141106-01.pdf COC-SII20140926-01 Molecular Recognition From Organic Methodology, Synthesis And Catalysis To Advanced Functional Material Design Zhang Yagang June 2015 COC-SII20140926-01.pdf COC-SII20140625-01 New Synthetic Routes and Technologies for Potent Anti-Cancer Drugs Dr S. Bhadury Pinaki Dr Pang Jun May 2015 COC-SII20140625-01.pdf COC-SII20140807-05 Biomass to new energy Baowang Lu March 2015 COC-SII20140807-05.pdf COC-SII20140408-01 Sustainable Catalysts and Benign Organic Transformations Dr B. Gawande Manoj January 2015 COC-SII20140408-01.pdf COC-SII20131112-33 Graph Theory and Molecular Topology in Organic Chemistry Putz Mihai V. January 2015 COC-SII20131112-33.pdf COC-SII20130924-24 Recent Advancements in Cosmetics and Food from Bioactive Natural Products and Chemical Synthetic Compounds Wang Hui-Min December 2014 COC-SII20130924-24.pdf COC-SII20140318-02 Advanced Materials for the Elimination and Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants Dr Yang Xiaofei October 2014 COC-SII20140318-02.pdf COC-SII20140408-02 Bioactive Heterocycles Dr Shah Anamik August 2014 COC-SII20140408-02.pdf COC-SII20130924-20 Organic Contaminants in House Dust Sousa Ana Takahashi Shin Tanabe Shinsuke September 2014 COC-SII20130924-20.pdf COC-SII20131118-28 Hybrid organic-inorganic materials for sustainable applications Buonomenna Maria Giovanna August 2014 COC-SII20131118-28.pdf COC-SII20130924-27 Nutraceuticals with Green Chemistry Chen Su Agte Vaishali July 2014 COC-SII20130924-27.pdf COC-SII20130924-28 Simple sugars in stereocontrolled organic synthesis Jarosz Sławomir July 2014 COC-SII20130924-28.pdf COC-SII20140812-01 Innovative Nanoporous Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis Sun Lin-Bing Oleg Werbitzky May 2014 COC-SII20140812-01.pdf COC-SII20130924-08 Large Molecules with Potential - How Could Biotechnology Complement Chemistry? Meyer Hans-Peter Oleg Werbitzky May 2014 COC-SII20130924-08.pdf COC-SII20130924-15 Novel Strategies to Eradicate Bacterial Communities Based on Nano and Biomaterials Grumezescu Alexandru Mihai March 2014 COC-SII20130924-15.pdf COC-SII20130924-01 Quinone Methides: a powerful tool in chemical biology Antonio Marco Di January 2014 COC-SII20130924-01.pdf COC-SII20130924-14 Bioactive Natural Product Search and Discovery from the Sea Wu Bin Wang Kui-Wu May 2014 COC-SII20130924-14.pdf COC-SII20130924-17 Recent Progress on Molecular Recognition And Supramolecular Devices Liang Feng Liu Simin Wang Cheng November 2013 COC-SII20130924-17.pdf
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