Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

ISSN (Print): 2211-7385
ISSN (Online): 2211-7393

Volume 11, Issues 5, 2023

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Bioactive Phytochemicals from Himalayas: A Phytotherapeutic Approach

eISBN: 978-981-5123-28-9
ISBN: 978-981-5123-29-6

Bioactive Phytochemicals from Himalayas: A Phytotherapeutic Approach covers herbal medicines from the Himalayan mountains. Chapters in this book detail molecular mechanisms and experimental tools and techniques for research on plants ....

Bio-Inspired Nanotechnology

eISBN: 978-981-5080-17-9
ISBN: 978-981-5080-18-6

Bio-Inspired Nanotechnology focuses on the use of bio-inspired and biomimetic methods for the fabrication and activation of nanomaterials. It summarizes recent developments in biocompatible and biodegradable materials, including their properties, ....

Nanobiotechnology: Principles and Applications

eISBN: 978-981-5123-55-5
ISBN: 978-981-5123-56-2

Nanobiotechnology is the application of nanotechnology in biological fields. Nanobiotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that currently engages researchers in conventional as well as advanced avenues of engineering and natural sciences.The ....

Synthesis of Nanomaterials

eISBN: 978-981-5136-92-0
ISBN: 978-981-5136-93-7

Synthesis of Nanomaterials is a beginner's guide to the synthesis and characterization of biomaterials for medical devices and implants. It presents 8 chapters explaining the use of biomaterials in medicine ....

Nanopharmacology and Nanotoxicology: Clinical Implications and Methods

eISBN: 978-981-5079-69-2
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This book explains key concepts and applications of nanotechnology in clinical medicine and pharmacology. The chapters have been contributed by experts and provide a broad perspective about the current and ....

Methods for Preclinical Evaluation of Bioactive Natural Products

eISBN: 978-981-5123-04-3
ISBN: 978-981-5123-05-0

Natural products have dominated our lives since ancient times. Today, they are an inexhaustible source of new medications for disease treatment. The practice of evaluating bioactive compounds extracted from natural ....

Practice and Re-Emergence of Herbal Medicine

eISBN: 978-981-5080-41-4
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Practice and Re-emergence of Herbal Medicine focuses on current research in Indian traditional medicine. Chapters cover many facets of herbal medicine, including quality control and experimental validation, intellectual property issues, ....

New Avenues in Drug Discovery and Bioactive Natural Products

eISBN: 978-981-5136-32-6
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New Avenues in Drug Discovery and Bioactive Natural Products is the second volume of the Natural Medicine book series. It is devoted to current research in drug discovery from natural ....

The Role of Chromenes in Drug Discovery and Development

eISBN: 978-981-5124-33-0
ISBN: 978-981-5124-34-7

Chromene is a naturally abundant heterocyclic compound found in alkaloids, tocopherols, terpenes and other compounds. Its derivatives can be used as a scaffold that exhibits pharmacological activity in the human ....

Synthesis and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures

eISBN: 978-981-5080-11-7
ISBN: 978-981-5080-12-4

Synthesis and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures consists of 15 chapters that focus on synthesis, characterization and multifaceted potential applications of semiconductor nanostructures, metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and nanostructure impregnated metal-organic ....

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