Current Catalysis

ISSN (Print): 2211-5447
ISSN (Online): 2211-5455

Volume 12 , Issues 3, 2023

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Recent Advances in Catalytic Oxidation of Biomass

Guest Editor(s): Haixin Guo

May 2023

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Catalytic Valorisation of Biomass-Derived Oxygenates

Guest Editor(s): Shunmugavel Saravanamurugan, Hu Li, Sushil Kumar Kansal

March 2023

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Catalytic Degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Guest Editor(s): Likai Du

March 2023

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Advanced catalysts for the hydrogen production from biomass-derived secondary raw materials

Guest Editor(s): Filippo Bossola, Claudio Evangelisti

September 2020

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Synthesis, characterization and new applications of catalytic materials

Guest Editor(s): Laura Briand, Gustavo Romanelli

October 2013

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