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The Role of Lung Ultrasound Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A review article

Lung ultrasound [LUS] has evolved considerably over the last years. The aim of the current review is to conduct a systematic review reported from a number of studies to show the usefulness of [LUS] and point of care ultrasound for diagnosing COVID-19. A systematic search of electronic data was conducted including the national library of medicine, and the national institute of medicine, PubMed Central [PMC] to identify the articles depended on [LUS] to monitor COVID-19. This review highlights the ultrasound findings reported in articles before the pandemic [11], clinical articles before COVID-19 [14], review studies during the pandemic [27], clinical cases during the pandemic [5] and other varying aims articles. The reviewed studies revealed that ultrasound findings can be used to help in the detection and staging of the disease. The common patterns observed included irregular and thickened A-lines, multiple B-lines ranging from focal to diffuse interstitial consolidation, and pleural effusion. Sub-plural consolidation is found to be associated with the progression of the disease and its complications. Pneumothorax was not recorded for COVID-19 patients. Further improvement in the diagnostic performance of [LUS] for COVID-19 patients can be achieved by using elastography, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, and power Doppler imaging.

Journal Title: Current Medical Imaging

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