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Spindle Cell Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma

Introduction: Metaplastic breast carcinoma is an uncommon malignancy that constitutes < 5% of all breast cancers. There are 5 subtypes which are spindle cell, squamous cell, carcinosarcoma, matrix-producing and metaplastic with osteoclastic giant cells. Spindle cell carcinoma represents approximately <0.3% of invasive breast carcinomas. It is typically a triple-negative cancer with distinct pathological characteristics, but relatively a non-conclusive imaging findings.

Case report: An elderly lady presented with an enlarging painful left breast lump for 1 year. Palpable left breast lump noted on clinical examination. Mammography demonstrated a high density, oval lesion with a partially indistinct margin. Corresponding ultrasound showed a large irregular heterogeneous lesion with solid-cystic areas. Histopathology showed atypical spindle-shaped cells which stained positive for cytokeratins and negative for hormone and human epidermal growth factor receptors, which favours spindle cell metaplastic carcinoma. Left mastectomy and axillary dissection were performed, and the final diagnosis was consistent with metaplastic spindle cell carcinoma.

Conclusion: Spindle cell carcinoma of the breast is a rare aggressive histological type of carcinoma which may present with benign features on imaging. Tissue diagnosis is essential for prompt diagnosis with multidisciplinary team discussion to guide management and improve patient’s outcome.

Journal Title: Current Medical Imaging

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