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Recent Advances in C-C/Heteroatom Bond Forming and Annulation Reactions of β-Ketodithioesters

β Ketodithioesters (KDEs) are versatile building blocks for the rapid construction of various heterocyclic compounds. Quite a good number of successful reactions based on KDEs have been developed in the past decade for the construction of heterocyclic skeletons under mild conditions. This review covers the new C-C/X bond formation and annulation reactions of KDEs with dielectrophilic or dinucleophilic reagents. Multicomponent reactions using KDEs to construct various heterocycles are also the major contents in this review.

Objective: The aim of this review is to bring a fresh perspective on the application of KDEs in organic synthesis covering from 2013 to 2020.

Conclusion: From this review, it is clear that KDEs have been the object of numerous studies on its use in heterocyclic synthesis. The presence of different functional groups on this synthon permits the incorporation of C-C/X sources into the final targets, which is the beauty of KDEs.

Journal Title: Current Organic Synthesis

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