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Hybrid Liquisolid technique: A novel approach to enhance the in-vitro performance of antidiabetic drugs

Background: A combination of Glimepiride and Boswellia serrata extract reduces Neuropathic diabetic complications by reducing the peroxidase level and improving the antioxidant level. The hybrid Liquisolid method includes a combination of two methods, kneading and the Liquisolid method to enhance drug in-vitro performance.

Objective: The objective of this study was to enhance the in-vitro performance of antidiabetics drugs.

Method: Tablets of the fixed dose combination of Glimepiride and Boswellia serrata extract were formulated by kneading method followed by Liquisolid method. Screening of non-volatile solvents, carriers, and coating materials was performed. The design of the experiment was applied to optimize the formulation and validation was done to validate the obtained model from the design of the experiment. 3 level 2 factorial (32) Design was applied by using Design expert software 11. Various pre-compression parameters were performed to check the quality of the formulation.

Results: Screening of excipients for kneading method, Glimepiride with PVP K 30 (5%), and Boswellia serrata extract with Poloxamer 188 (13%) give optimum drug release. For the Liquisolid method Propylene glycol: PEG 400: Tween 80 (1:2:4) ratio for Glimepiride and PEG 400: Tween 80 (1:3) ratio for Boswellia serrata extract were selected. Common carrier and coating material for both drug Syloid XDP 3150: Aeroperl 300 (3:1) ratio were selected, which improves the in-vitro performance of the drug.

Conclusion: This study gives an overall understanding of the impact of excipients on the quality of formulation, a critical knowledge to the implementation of this kind of novel application of Liquisolid systems.

Journal Title: Current Drug Therapy

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