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Cellulosic Nanowhiskers: Preparation and Drug Delivery Applications

Nanomaterials have applications in almost every field and among them, green nanomaterials have various biological applications. Green nanomaterials are specifically useful for drug and DNA delivery applications. Considering that cellulose is the most abundant and easily available biomolecules, and it has been used for preparing greener cellulose nanomaterials. Cellulosic nanowhiskers are a cost-effective and green alternative to chemical non-viral gene delivery systems. Cellulose nanowhiskers are commonly extracted from plant sources, and they are generally prepared by sulfuric and hydrochloric acid hydrolysis of plant cellulose. In this review, the topic of cellulose nanowhiskers as green biocompatible materials for gene and drug delivery is discussed with several practical examples.

Journal Title: Current Drug Delivery

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