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Personalized nano tools for the treatment of metabolic disorders

Advances in personalized medicine are currently impacting improvement in the field of metabolic diseases and patient care. The current innovations in integrating nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology tools in pharmaceutical formulation development have proven the effectiveness of xenobiotics for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of various metabolic diseases. The implementation of nanomedicines for the treatment of metabolic diseases has served the advantage of overcoming the limitation of bioavailability, selectivity and specificity, biological barriers, and toxicity. Simultaneously, the hybridization of drug molecules and nanomaterials builds promising effective tools for the same. While on the other hand, the development in omics sciences has further supported the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various metabolic disease conditions. Therapy and analysis of metabolic diseases in asymptomatic patients can be facilitated whereas, harsh complications in diagnosis and disease progression can be avoided by the use of molecular metabolic and genetic biomarkers, biosensor miniatures, and transducers. Therefore, a combination of personalized medicine and nanotechnology gives rise and serves an ultimate goal of predicting, preventing, and treating metabolic diseases. The current article reviews the interdisciplinary nature of personalized medicine, nanotechnology, and nanobiotechnology to employ a safe, efficient, stable, cost-effective futuristic approach for individualized treatment strategies and challenges in the application of personalized medicines for metabolic diseases.

Journal Title: Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering

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