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Radiomics- Quantitative Biomarker Analysis for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction: A Review

Background: Cancer of the breast has become a global problem for women's health. Though concerns regarding early detection and accurate diagnosis were raised, an effort is required for precision medicine as well as personalized treatment. In the past few years, the area of medicinal imaging has seen an unprecedented growth that leads to an advancement of radiomics, which provides countless quantitative biomarkers extracted from modern diagnostic images, including a detailed tumor characterization of breast malignancy.

Discussion: In this research, we presented the methodology and implementation of radiomics, together with its future trends and challenges by the basis of published papers. Radiomics could distinguish between malignant from benign tumors, predict prognostic factors, molecular subtypes of breast carcinoma, treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC), and recurrence survival. The incorporation of quantitative knowledge with clinical, histopathological and genomic information will enable physicians to afford customized care of treatment for patients with breast cancer.

Conclusion: Our research was intended to help physicians and radiologists learn fundamental knowledge about radiomics and also to work collaboratively with researchers to explore evidence for further usage in clinical practice.

Journal Title: Current Medical Imaging

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