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Leukaemia Infection Diagnosis and Intestinal Flora Disorder

Leukaemia is the most common malignant tumor in childhood and can be cured by chemotherapy. Infection is an important cause of treatment-related death and treatment failure in childhood leukaemia. Recent studies have shown that the correlation between the occurrence of leukaemia infection and the intestinal flora has attracted more and more attention. Intestinal flora can affect the body's physiological defense and immune function. When intestinal microflora disorder occurs, metabolites/microorganisms related to intestinal flora alterations and even likely the associated morpho-functional alteration of the epithelial barrier may be promising diagnostic biomarkers for the early diagnosis of leukaemia infection. This review will focus on the interaction between leukaemia infection and intestinal flora, and the influence of intestinal flora in the occurrence and development of leukaemia infection.

Journal Title: Current Molecular Medicine

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