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Brain Tumor Detection and Classification by Hybrid CNN-DWA Model Using MR Images.

Objective: Medical image processing is an exciting research area. In this paper, we proposed new brain tumor detection and classification model using MR brain images to help the doctors in early detection and classification of the brain tumor with high performance and best Accuracy.

Materials: we trained and validated our model using five databases, including BRATS2012, BRATS2013, BRATS2014, BRATS2015, and ISLES-SISS 2015.

Methods: The advantage of the hybrid model proposed is its novelty that is used for the first time; our new method is based on a hybrid deep convolution neural network and deep watershed auto-encoder (CNN-DWA) model. The method consists of six phases, first phase is input MR images, second phase is preprocessing using filter and morphology operation, third phase is matrix that represents MR brain images, fourth is applying the hybrid CNN-DWA, fifth is brain tumor classification, and detection, while sixth phase is the performance of the model using five values.

Results and Conclusions: The novelty of our hybrid CNN-DWA model showed the best results and high performance with Accuracy around 98% and loss validation 0, 1. Hybrid model can classify and detect the Tumor clearly using MR images; comparing with other models like CNN, DNN, and DWA, we discover that the proposed model performs better than the above-mentioned models. Depending on the better performance of the proposed hybrid model, this helps in developing computer-aided system for early detection of brain tumors and helps the doctors to diagnose the patients better.

Journal Title: Current Medical Imaging

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