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Nanotechnology Mediated Diagnosis of Type II Diabetes Mellitus

The metabolic diseases are the consequences of abnormal chemical reactions in the body leading to variation in the normal metabolic processes. These diseases have actually reached to an epidemic stage round the globe. Among the several types of metabolic disorders, type II diabetes is quite serious and dependent on glucose level in blood. The major challenge is the continuous monitoring of blood glucose level. Among the different blood sugar level diagnostic strategies, nanotechnology may offer several advantages over traditional systems owing to the better surface area of sensors, improved catalytic property of electrodes plus better handling. For this, reason, different types of nanosensors (to measure blood glucose level) and nanomaterials (to improve glucose sensor function) have been investigated by various researchers. This work is an effort to discuss the role of nanosensors and the major advancements that has been utilized so far for the effective and reproducible diagnosis of blood glucose level which may provide better and effective diagnosis for type 2 diabetes.

Journal Title: Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering

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