Mesenchymal Cell Activation by Biomechanical Stimulation and its Clinical Prospects

Mechanotransduction in Osteoblats

Author(s): Yaron Berkovich, Jacob Shapira and Nahum Rosenberg

Pp: 49-57 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681081991116010008

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Skeletal system is highly capable to adapt and respond to various mechanical stimuli. The mechanisms for osteoblasts’ differentiation and their cross-talk with osteocytes and osteoclasts are under extensive investigation but the exact interactions of cellular pathways are not fully understood. The mechanisms of osteocytes’ response to the different aspects of a mechanical stimulation remain unclear and so are the mechanisms by which osteoblasts co-ordinate the different intracellular signaling. Further investigation of the molecular principles of mechnotransduction is needed in order to exploit the value of mechanically oriented therapeutics. Therapeutic methods that utilize the use of cellular mechanical stimulation of osteoblasts might provide a non-invasive approach for bone regeneration in osteodegenerative conditions and following traumatic bone damage.

Keywords: Bone, growth factors, osteogenesis, remodelling, Wnt.

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