Mycology: Current and Future Developments


In this chapter, we carried out an extensive revision focusing on recent trends on immobilization of microbial enzymes responsible for the degradation of plant cell wall components. We include studies on both individual and mixed enzyme immobilization techniques. Among the diverse techniques, the use of pre-existing supports (chemical or physical binding) and the immobilization without supports enzyme cross-linked aggregates (CLEAs) or crystals (CLECs) were the most promising ones. Nevertheless, the development of new supports with valuable characteristics for the immobilization of these enzymes is still an interesting research field. Furthermore, studies on application of the biocatalysts in a small scale process or in a reactor were also reviewed. In this regard, the lignin component of plant cell walls has been investigated as a support for enzyme immobilization.

Keywords: Biocatalysts, biochemical characteristics, cellulolytic enzymes, enzyme immobilization, enzyme stabilization, ligninolytic enzymes, xylanolytic enzymes.

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