Serial Killers Around the World: The Global Dimensions of Serial Murder

Il Mostro di Firenze: The Monster of Florence

Author(s): Dirk C. Gibson

Pp: 84-100 (17)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608058426114010010

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The case of the Monster of Florence is one of the most infamous unsolved serial murder slaying sprees. Murders and mutilations were committed throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s in and near Florence, Italy. The identity of numerous suspects was investigated in this chapter, and the known facts abut the killer were described. The possibility that other crimes were committed by the Monster of Florence was considered. The killings were explained through examination of the MO, number of victims, victims, time frame, motive and victimology. Serial murder communication was evident in this case as the killer sent body parts of victims to the authorities. The lengthy investigation was chronicled, and the trials described.

Keywords: Baretta, Body part transmission, Capella del Committo, Carrabiniari, Corte d’ Assisse D’ Appollo, Hannibal, Florence, Florence Medical Examiner, Grupo Investigativo Dellitee Serialte, Gucci’s, Lovers’ lane, Monster of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Peeping Tom, Schizophrenia, School of the Red Rose, Smallholder, Squada Anti-Mostro, Via Virgilio Nuova Provincial Roadway.

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