Serial Killers Around the World: The Global Dimensions of Serial Murder

Lucian Staniak

Author(s): Dirk C. Gibson

Pp: 70-83 (14)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608058426114010009

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The murders and mutilations of Lucian Staniak were reminiscent of the brutality of Jack the Ripper. Staniak killed along the Polish mass transit lines, and even in train cars on occasion. This killer’s life was explained in detail. His other crimes were also discussed. The murders were analyzed with respect to motive, MO, number of crimes, victims, victimology, and time frame. Staniak was a prolific communicator who sent letters to newspapers before and after crimes. The investigation into the crimes and the trial were also discussed.

Keywords: All Saints Day, Art Lovers Club, Correspondence, Disembowelment, Katowice Train Depot, Lodz Institute of Cinematographic Arts, May Day, Mass transit, Mutilation, Park of Polish Heroes, Poland, Psychotic, Red Spider, School of Choreography & Folklore, Lucian Staniak, Surrogates, Ulgory billet, Vigilante, Warsaw, Warsaw Homicide Squad.

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