Serial Killers Around the World: The Global Dimensions of Serial Murder

Martin & Marie Dumollard

Author(s): Dirk C. Gibson

Pp: 23-35 (13)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608058426114010005

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This chapter described the profit-motivated murders and related criminal conduct of a husband and wife team of serial slayers, Martin and Marie Dumollard. Brief biographies of the Dumollards were provided, along with a description of their relationship. Allegations that Martin was a vampire were investigated. The MO of the murders was explained, and the number of victims, victimology, time frame and victims were described. The investigation was considered, and the trial and sentencing were also discussed.

Keywords: Blood, Clothing, Marie Dumollard, Martin Dumollard, Employment agency, Farmer, France, French Supreme Court, Homicidal monster, “Killer couple, ” Knife, Lyons, Maniac, Mental health, Montluel, Noose, Peasant, Possessions, Servant girls, Vampire.

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