Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws

The Brain Agents Universe

Author(s): Branko Souček

Pp: 165-183 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608054947113010011

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Background and Purpose: This work explains the duets in both, human brain and animal behavior. Duets transmit the knowledge and learning messages within the Universal Brain, by the Flow of Favorable Factors, through the Barrier. The Time- Information-Space Set, TISS is formed.

Materials and Methods: Real-time computer is used for data acquisition from three duets: the northern true katydid, Pterophylla camellifolia (Orthopteria, Tettigoniidae); the firefly, Photuris versicolor; the bird, white-crested jay thrush, Garrulax leucolophus patkaicus (Timaliidae). Computer models relate behavioral duets to the duets within the human mind, perception and brain.

Results: The following types of duets have been identified: solo, alternation, aggression, selective courting, aggressive mimicry, complex messages using sequences of syllables. These duets are based on: steps in a response function; Brain Windows; patterns; message quanta; chaos and attractors. The human brain-mind tissue, TISS, is presented.

Conclusions: Human Brain, Mind and behavior are composed of communicating agents. Three classes of duets have been identified. The chaotic duet is a dynamic structure. Duet trajectories concentrate into a narrow attractor space. This is a case of massive self-organization. The courting/mimicry duets are based on symbol-signal processing and are capable of discovering the hidden information by observing sample behavior and comparing it with the past learned experience. The pattern duet is capable to recognize inexact, incomplete patterns. Through many duet loops, the human brain agents called katydids, fireflies and birds learn about the partner, and adapt answers and behavior. Symbol-signal processing is responsible for mental states and for consciousness. The genetic, sensation and mental vehicles in all layers of the Barrier, combine the born-with knowledge, with learning. The layers are unconscious of the underlying vehicle traffic regulations. Yet each layer of the Barrier recognizes the intentions and the meaning of quantum messages within its duet domain. The duets are involved in the Universal Brain and Mind self-organization and in perception. The dynamic nodes, groups, flocks and pools form the brain-mind tissue TISS.

Applications: Experimental support to the Universal Brain Theory; Human Brain image and data analyses; stimulation and diagnoses; autonomous agents; intelligent systems; Global Mind services on Internet.

Keywords: Human brain, universal brain, brain and mind, brain and mind tissue, mind, duet, self-organization, katydid, firefly, bird, brain window, message quantum, chaos, syllable, song, chirp, response function, transfer function, agent, brain barrier, flow of favorable factors, consciousness, real-time computing.

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