Intelligent Technologies for Research and Engineering

Volume: 2

NanoRemediation: Novel Approach for Environmental Cleanup

Author(s): Subbulakshmi Ganesan*, G. Padmapriya and Agampodi Sanduni Anupama De Zoysa

Pp: 282-287 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165586124020027

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Nanotechnology is an advanced emerging science that has application in mostly the fields of industry, environmental issues, biotechnology, health, and medicine. NanoRemediation is a technique that uses nanoparticles for bio remediation. It is mainly used to treat wastewater soil, contaminated environmental materials, groundwater, and sediments. In this technology, nano titanium dioxide or non-toxic nano particles are used. In essence, chlorine-containing organic waste is removed using nano remediation. Although this method is a good technology, it is still present in investigational stages and has been applied mostly in laboratories.

Keywords: Ground Water, Nano remediation, Nano particles, Nano titanium dioxide, Waste water.

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