Biosurfactants: A Boon to Healthcare, Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability

Use of Biosurfactants in Food Processing Technology

Author(s): Gargi Balabantaray, Bhabani Shankar Das and Pradeepta Sekhar Patro * .

Pp: 96-116 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196924124010008

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Biological surfactants are a class of amphipathic biomolecules that contain a diverse range of constituents derived from different biological sources and have been analysed for their ability to lower surface tension. Their distinct properties with cumulative applications have expanded in different fields starting from human health to detergent industry. According to estimates, the global market for biosurfactants will grow from $4.18 billion in 2022 to $6.04 billion by 2029. Biosurfactants outperform artificial surfactants due to their unique attributes. This provides opportunities for commercial utilization of biosurfactants. Thus, the present chapter aims to describe the various biosurfactants present in the market along with their potential application in food industries. 

Keywords: Bioemulsifiers, Enhanced oil recovery, Lactic acid bacteria.

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