Biosurfactants: A Boon to Healthcare, Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability

Application of Biosurfactant in Agriculture

Author(s): Swapnashree Satapathy*, Ananya Kuanar and Arun Kumar Pradhan

Pp: 80-95 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196924124010007

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All countries are concerned about meeting the growing demands of the human population in terms of agricultural output in a timely manner. Biosurfactants are substances that bacteria, yeasts and fungus are said to create as green surfactants which are less harmful and environmentally compassionate. Several forms of biosurfactants could be commercialised for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. Surface active molecules are frequently utilised in agricultural soil remediation to improve soil quality. In recent years, the chemical compounds have gotten a lot of attention because they're seen as a viable and environmentally benign alternative to traditional remedial solutions. The bio molecules which showed the potential to replace the harsh surfactants currently utilised in the multibillion-dollar pesticide industry. The microbial population is screened for biosurfactant synthesis using traditional methods. The modern civilization is confronted with a number of issues in terms of enforcing environmental protection, implementation and addressing climate change for future generation. As a result, studies on environmental safety and human are being carried out in order to improve the efficiency of sustainable environmental restoration methods. Cosmetics, medicines, food, petroleum, agriculture, textiles and wastewater treatment are just a few of the areas where biosurfactants have been shown to be successful and efficient. Improved plant pathogen management, antibacterial activity, antibiofilm activity, seed protection and fertility, wound healing and dermatological care, drug delivery systems, and anticancer treatments are just a few of the applications for microbial produced biosurfactants. This study emphasizes the widespread utilize of harsh surfactants in the agrochemical industry and agricultural soil. More research is needed to determine the possible relevance of biosurfactants produced from environmental isolates in plant growth improvement and other agricultural applications.

Keywords: Agriculture, Antibiofilm, Antimicrobial activity, Biosurfactant, Plant pathogen, Remediation.

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