AIoT and Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare Applications

Secure Electronic Health Records Sharing System using IoT and Blockchain

Author(s): Harisha A.*, Shiji Abraham, Srinivas P. M., Praveen Honavar, Kavya, B. M. Nischitha and Manish Poojary

Pp: 179-190 (12)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196054123050013

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is used for maintaining patients’ medical records in the hospital. The EHR contains the details of clinical related data of the patients under a particular provider. The EHR contains information on a patient's demographics, medications, previous medical history, laboratory results, and reports like X-rays. The EHR system is introduced in order to share the details with other health providers such as laboratories, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and clinics so that they will have all the medical history of the patient’s health conditions. These can be accessed from anywhere via any smart device. A single record for one patient across all departments. Sharing EHR with different health care providers is a major challenge since this health record is stored on centralized servers patients cannot share this information when required. To overcome this issue we have come up with an approach of using IPFS (Inter Planetary File Systems) to store this EHR in a decentralized manner and an RSA algorithm to encrypt the Health Record. By using the combination of blockchain and cryptography a secure platform can be developed for providing the patient with full control over their health record and also maintaining data integrity. 

Keywords: : EHR, IPFS, RSA, Blockchain

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