AIoT and Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare Applications

AI and Blockchain-based Solution for Implementing Security for Oral Healthcare 4.0 Big data

Author(s): Sreekantha Desai Karanam*, Niriksha Shetty and Rahul Bhandari

Pp: 100-134 (35)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196054123050009

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The patient's medical data is very valuable and sensitive. Hackers are always trying to steal or tamper with this patient's data. Cyber-criminals can misuse or sell this patient's data. Protecting medical data, and ensuring security and privacy of data is a statutory and ethical mandate for healthcare services providers. Implementation of blockchain technology enhances the security, confidentiality, and traceability of patient data. Secure sharing of patient data among all stakeholders of healthcare ecosystems ensures quality and high speed in services.
Objective: This paper's objective is to review data security applications in the healthcare domain using blockchain technology and present the highlights from selected survey papers. The second objective is to implement data security using a web-based prototype based on blockchain technology.
Method: This blockchain technology enables secure online sharing of data using open, distributed, denationalized, and immutable ledgers. Blockchain-based online transactions are taking place between sender and receiver directly. Blockchain-based transactions eliminate the need for third-party intermediate agents. Data. Authors applied blockchain technology for the implementation of oral health big data using a web portal. Results: The taxonomy of concepts applied in blockchain and EHR, Smart Contracts, and Healthcare 4.0 systems in healthcare from the literature are mapped. To identify research gaps, a comparative study of curated survey papers is conducted with specific variables. The results of web portal implementation are discussed.
Conclusion: At the out, the authors tried to provide a holistic view of blockchain applications and presented insight into systems design by discussing algorithms, techniques and methods applied. Authors conclude that intelligent systems integrated blockchain systems are going to play a vital role in the healthcare industry and enhance the quality and efficiency of services.

Keywords: Smart city, Bitcoin, Multi-chain, Cryptography, Ethereum and Monax.

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