Research Trends in Artificial Intelligence: Internet of Things

Applications of AI and IoT for Smart Cities

Author(s): A. Kannammal* and S. Chandia

Pp: 186-202 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136449123010014

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Due to the rapid increase in urban population, the today’s life of every citizen undergoes drastic changes. For the betterment of human life, Government of India had decided and announced the development of smart cities i.e the cities to be developed with all modern facilities in which people can use the internet for their daily activities. Smart city development would heavily depend on the Internet of Things (IOT) which combines three important aspects of Internet such as people-people interaction, people-objects interaction, and objects-objects interaction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another technology that provides the city equipped with efficient systems for security, safety, parking, etc. The applications of AI enable IoT in smart cities that are discussed in this chapter such as Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Water, Smart Grid and Energy, Smart Transport, and Real Estate investment. Section 12.1 gives an introduction about the chapter that includes an introduction to Smart City, IoT and integration of AI and IoT. Section 12.2 discusses the potential use cases of AI and IoT in smart cities. Smart Home use case that includes smart management of equipment and human activity recognition is discussed. It also discusses Smart Healthcare which includes the fitness-tracking system, glucose-level monitoring system, body-temperature monitoring system, stress detection system, and oxygen-saturation monitoring system. Smart Infrastructure is also discussed which includes Smart Water, Smart Grid and Energy, and structural health monitoring. Smart Transport is also discussed in this chapter which includes the Vehicle Infrastructure Pedestrian (VIP), Smart Parking System (SPS) and Automated Incident Detection system (AID). The final section concludes the chapter by discussing the challenges in the smart city environment and future enhancements.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Smart city, Smart healthcare, Smart infrastructure, Smart home, Smart transport, Smart water.

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