Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Data Engineering

Biometric Voting using IoT to Transfer Vote to Centralized System: A Bibliometric

Author(s): Richard Essah*, Darpan Anand, Surender Singh and Isaac Atta Senior Ampofo

Pp: 40-59 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196443123010006

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Several studies have empirically explored biometric voting using the IoT to transfer votes to the central system. There aren't many bibliometric studies that categorize the output in this area, though. By keeping an eye on the papers posted on the Scopus platform, this study’s goal is to present a research bibliometric analysis of biometric voting utilizing IoT to transfer votes to a central system, classifying trends, the state of the art, and other indications. 267 different materials made up the sample. Using the VOS viewer program, the data was processed and the outcomes graphically represented. According to a study, that examined publications’ simultaneous occurrence by year, trends of keyword, co-citations, coupling bibliographic, and coauthorship analysis, institutions, and countries, the body of knowledge on biometric voting that uses the Internet of Things to transfer votes to a central system is expanding quickly. More than 530 citations were found in just eight works. However, there are other industrious writers. The most significant of the 267 sources used in the review were published in 26.066 percent of the papers. China is the world's leader in this field. This study offers knowledge about the current state of the art and indicates research opportunities and gaps in IoT-based biometric voting.

Keywords: Blockchain, Bibliometric, Centralised system, IoT, Vos viewer.

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