Architecture in Contemporary Literature

The Pain of Losing Nature (The End of Nature)

Author(s): Selin Yıldız * .

Pp: 187-192 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165166123010025

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


McKibben, as an environmentalist dedicating his life to raising awareness about nature, refers predominantly to topics about climate change in his book titled “The End of Nature”. This book has also been called the first book on global warming written for a general audience, since the arguments supported by both numeric data and findings of the author’s daily life notes make it easier to read. Before discussing the aim of the book, this review considers the passionate way of an activist from the early days of the author’s private life to his successful education, life, and environmental campaigns. In the following part, the answers to the climate change problem are discussed beyond the matter of warming. Moreover, McKibben’s future predictions are addressed due to related political issues of the new world. The last part is more likely to refer to the architectural context. Clues on how these issues can relate to architecture are primarily sought in education than professional life, and strategies focused on raising awareness are mentioned. Architects should have to consider the environmental issues that have been raised in the book in order to give less damage to Earth. Since space issues such as land use, structural decisions, and material choice are all directly referred to energy consumption, several questions are suggested to ask before production to conduct the system in an efficient and more nature-friendly way. 

Keywords: Air pollution, Climate change, Carbon emission, Ecological architecture, Environmental awareness, Environment friendly, Ecological, Fossil fuels, Food shortages, Greenhouse effect, Global warming, Infrared rays, Nature, Nature-friendly, Paris Climate Agreement, Renewable energy, Sustainable, Water resources, Water pollution, Water recycling.

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