Architecture in Contemporary Literature

It is Rocked By Waves, But Does Not Sink (The Paris Architect)

Author(s): Gergő Máté Kovács * .

Pp: 155-158 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165166123010020

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The book by Charles Belfoure titled 'The Paris Architect' is more than a novel placed in the historical framework of a city that has inspired artistic creations for many centuries. It is set in the Second World War yet brings a unique perspective to a period that has often been chronicled. The author juxtaposes the fate of a city and its community with an individual. It also addresses the issue of the responsibility of the architectural profession while guiding the reader through the different layers of the urban texture. Thus, it analyses the relationship between the individual and society in the context of architecture. This essay provides a brief introduction to the novel.

Keywords: Architectural responsibility, Charles belfoure, Community, Criminal, Challenges, Duty, France, Foreigner, Fate, Historical framework, Individual, Novel, Paris, Parisienne, Perspective, Society, Stigmatisation, Urban transformation, War, World war II.

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