Principles of Automation and Control

Water Distribution Management in Real Time: Using a Cloud-Based Approach

Author(s): Kazeem Aderemi Bello*, Ilesanmi Afolabi Daniyan, Osato Alexendra Ighodaro, Adefemi Adeodu and Wasiu Adeyemi Oke

Pp: 131-151 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080926123010014

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Lack of access to potable water has become an issue of concern in our society. In order to satisfy the increasing water demands of the galloping population in Nigerian communities, it is essential to use smart technology to manage water resources. The purpose of this research work is to ensure that inaccessibility to water as a result of pump failure is detected in real-time through smart technology. To solve this daunting challenge, an Arduino microcontroller and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) were used to switch on and switch off the submersible pump at a predetermined Water Level (WL) in the tank and also to determine the pump availability hours. The WL in the tank was monitored using an Arduino microcontroller, sensors, relays, and LCD. A Global System for Mobile telecommunication (GSM) module was also used to create an interactive medium between the user/maintenance team and the system to monitor the submersible pump reliability based on engineering theory and concept. The system was tested by introducing varying volumes of water in a constructed water distribution system prototype in the laboratory. The microcontroller was efficient in controlling the system; the pump was able to switch on and switch off when the WL in the tank was 50% and 100%, respectively. As an autonomous system, it was capable of taking decisions automatically without human interference. The system was able to send feedback via SMS to alert the user/maintenance team to check the pump whenever it failed to pump water at WL≤ 50%. This innovative design system will help to monitor and manage water distribution properly and it should be considered for use in schools, hospitals, residences, offices, etc. to ensure the availability of water always, save energy consumption and help in combating covid-19.

Keywords: GSM module and Arduino microcontroller, Real-time, Submersible pump, Water distribution.

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