Emerging Technologies for Digital Infrastructure Development

Elderly Monitoring Using the Internet of Things (IoT)

Author(s): Matthew Tan Xian Long* and Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin

Pp: 141-149 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080957123010014

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


 As people get older and their bodies weaken, they become more prone to illnesses and injuries. This paper reviews several research papers that discuss implementing a monitoring system that monitors the elderly. This research aims to improve the healthcare and safety of elderly people alone at home by implementing a monitoring system based on IoT technology in Malaysia. This paper also discusses how stratified sampling methods and surveys can help identify elderly peoples’ preferences and improve the monitoring system. The system proposed in this research uses real-time pulse and temperature monitoring, real-time fall detection monitoring, a cloud database, and a mobile application that could help reduce the effort and worry of taking care of the elderly. The findings of this research will help to improve the lives of elderly people that prefer staying in their own homes and will hopefully reduce the effort needed to take care of them. Future system improvements will include blood pressure and respiration rate monitoring, allowing more accurate monitoring of their health.

Keywords: Elderly, Health and Safety, Internet of Things (IoT), Monitoring System.

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