Big Data Analytics for Human-Computer Interactions: A New Era of Computation

Relationship Between Big Data, NLP, And Cognitive Computing

Author(s): Kuldeep Singh Kaswan*, Anupam Baliyan*, Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal* and Om Prakash Kaiwartya * .

Pp: 192-219 (28)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079937123030007

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


 The capacity to get insights and operations from data has not significantly altered with tremendous technological advances over the previous 30 years. Applications are generally built to fulfill default responsibilities or automate tasks; thus, the designer must prepare and write the logic for every situation. Computers are quicker and less expensive but not significantly more intelligent. Naturally, people are not more brilliant than they were 30 years before. For people and robots, this is going to change. A new generation of information technology emerges, starting with the automation technology from the previous computer model to offer a collaborative discovery platform. These technologies' initial wave has already increased human knowledge in several disciplines. These computers may draw meaning from volumes of natural language text as collaborators or collaborators for their human users and create and assess hypotheses in minutes based on analysing more significant facts than a person would absorb in a lifetime. That's the potentil of artificial intelligence. This chapter discusses a relationship between big data, NLP, and Cognitive Systems, voice in NLP component and performing the related tasks. This chapter contrasts unstructured data in written material, video, and images, designed for human consumption and interpretation and also explains big data's role in creating cognitive computing systems.

Keywords: Catalogs, Cognitive system, Classification, Context-free language, Data-oriented technologies, Dictionaries, Emotional variations, Hierarchical database, Intellectual system, Lexical analysis, Labels, MRI, NLP, Ontologies, Regression algorithms, Statistical techniques, Speech recognition, Tokenization, Videoconferencing.

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