Functional Bio-based Materials for Regenerative Medicine: From Bench to Bedside (Part 1)

The Utilisation of Animal By-products for the Production of Potential Biomaterial in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Author(s): Manira Maarof*, Noor Amirrah Binti Ibrahim, Maheswary Thambirajoo, Nusaibah Sallehuddin and Mohd Fauzi Mh Busra

Pp: 19-41 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123104123010005

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The development of biomaterials in tissue engineering has already started decades ago. A wide variety of biomaterials are being used as alternatives in clinical applications. Lately, animal by-products have increased in demand for natural substrates in various sectors. As in tissue engineering, animal-based biomaterials are from different resources or origins of animal species that are being studied and applied for disease treatments. In addition to this, novel biomaterials are being produced that could imitate the physiology of natural healing mechanisms or the regeneration of certain tissues. Thus, the efficiency in utilising animal by-products could alleviate the waste management cost and scarcity of materials, which could reduce environmental pollution. This book chapter discusses different classifications of animal byproducts, their unique characteristics, and the advantages of these products that could embark as new alternative approaches for treating diseases. 

Keywords: Animal by-products, Biomaterials, Clinical applications, Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering.

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